My favorites for Fall

It is still hot here, and fall is taking a little longer to arrive.  While I wait to put on all those soft warm sweaters, pants, and closed toe shoes, all I can do is go online to choose my favorite pieces. For now JCREW has the perfect pieces I've been wanting for this fall. I love how color can always be included to make a final look more appealing. What are your selections for this fall? any favorite colors? 

Happy weekend!


Design Spong Tour: Austin

So you've heard right? right. Well it's time for the Design Sponge book signing tour in Austin! I had been patiently waiting for the details  and as soon as I heard I made sure I got me a spot there...succeeded! I made plans to attend and hopefully one of my girlfriends will come along as well.  Have you attended or are planning to attend one soon? I would love to hear about it. For now I will continue to wait until the day comes.
I hope you're having a great Thursday.


Outfit to Living

  So after a few intense days of working on projects for school, I finally have time to continue with posting here. Since a new season has started (yay!), it is appropriate to start with new ideas for the living spaces. This one was inspired by Andy, from Style Scrapbook. The dark and light furniture combo makes the space elegant but yet comfortable.  The few colors added throughout give the space life, but in a very subtle way. Fall has started so that means new colors to come everywhere! Are you ready?

I hope you're having an awesome weekend! 



Home Pretty

 Lately I've been thinking of lots and lots of pretty colors to add to our home. It is still a process that seems to take much longer that anticipated. For now my eyes like this home and all the pretty things going on inside of it.

ID Make yourself @ Home


Long Weekend

So it's still the weekend. And I'm enjoying that. It will be over tomorrow night, which is so so sad. Thank goodness I have this awesome quote to keep me going! What do you do to keep you going when you're just not feeling it anymore?
Go here for the AWESOME instructions on how to make one just like it!