Hi, I'm Caterine. Welcome to 7:30 Design! 

I'm a converted American with strong South American roots who  loves everything about Interior Design, art, nature and pretty much everything with color (so that would include food as well!). And this is a blog to help me keep organized as I find new ways to make my home and everything around me look better. 

Why 7:30 you're wondering?, well it is around the time when I'm either starting or ending one of my crazy days: pull myself out of bed to shower (or not), grab a cup of tea, organize my home, sit on the computer and read all my favorite blogs, go on a hot date with husband, come from school/work to rest before getting ready for the next day, or just sit around in my pjs to enjoy the day. It's been happening for quite a while, A.M. and P.M., but now I get to share it all with you!