Monday: MoodBoard

A, B, C, D

Flowers, lace, and pretty colors...that's what I've been thinking of lately. Even though it might be getting a little colder these days (not really here in Texas), Spring and the pretty flowers have stuck to me, and don't want to let go of them this fall.  Why not keep the floral and just add some fall items to it right? I especially love the transition of floral patterns in a room; the shapes, the colors, the happy!...

This Fall I'm craving lots of greens, blues, and creams. Who knows, I might even add some hot pink like picture A! For sure, I'm treating myself to a much needed manicure this week, and these pretty colors are on my mind.

What are you in a mood for lately?
Anything that's been stuck in your mind?

Hope you started your week fresh and ready to go!


Clara Turbay said...

Great outfit and blog. Please come to see mine.


Beau lifestyle said...

I am a bit obbessed with my nails right now, haha.
The lamps go in the nurser, that is now my study/work room. It´s quite big, bigger than my bedroom!
Sonn will post pictures of them hung up xoxoxo Chantal

Ana said...

Me encanta el look de las primeras fotos!!

Lucija said...

Gorgeous blog you have! I think this post is one of your best yet!!


Caterine said...

I'm obsessed with mine nails too, I just need to put some pretty colors on them and they'll be ready to go.

thanks for stopping by!


Erika [small shop] said...

The essie color scheme is so pretty and fresh - I've been seeing it a lot and totally dig it!

Caterine said...

since i have an almost free day today, I might just go to work with my nails! hopefully they turn out pretty! :)
I love all the new essie colors too!