Turkey already?

Can you believe it? It is almost time to eat some turkey, yum! I am so excited, especially because we all get a break from our busy, busy lives. yay! I'm not very into making meals and go all fancy, not that I don't like it, or don't want to; I just don't know how to make anything related to the event. It is one of the holidays I am still getting the hang of, even after living in the U.S. for 11 years. My family makes an attempt to celebrate and have their own version of the feast with a turkey and everything, but nothing compared to the traditional American style dishes. So this is why I am excited. This year I get to celebrate with my awesome husband's family, and they are American, so that means I get lots of yummy food.

So all I've been doing is searching for pretty food, and I say that because in pictures they look pretty but I'm not sure if once made(especially by me) they will taste as pretty. But the recipes look promising.

Starting with the basics: 

The turkey , which I won't attempt just yet 
Fresh green bean casserole, always good 
Sweet potato casserole ..are these as good as they look? 

Am I missing anything for the basics? 

And for Dessert: (My favorite) 

Thanksgiving cupcakes, that look fun to make
Fruit gobbler , go all out with your turkey ideas here! 

Are there any traditions you have for thanksgiving? Any meals you love to eat? Any ideas to share? I would love to hear. 

Happy day! 


Weekend Lovin'

I am so lovin' the fabulous designs of Jill Sorensen of LiveLikeYou. From her fearless selection and combination of color, all the way to her idea of how design should be available to everybody at any budget, which I couldn't agree with more!

Don't you love all the color? Well if you still think you need to see more, she also has this amazing website (LIVELIKEYOU.COM)where you can get some guide and inspiration if you're struggling to come up with ideas for a room.  She will give your rendered drawing ideas of how a certain style could look in a  room (bathroom, master bedroom, living room, etc.). She will show you the furniture, colors, and materials she chose for each room, along with tips she shares to make your design even more spectacular.

I'm lovin'! Are you?

#1, #2, #3, #4

Happy Weekend!


DIY Tutorial Picks

CAMERA STRAP                                                                                                                                WOOL CAMERA STRAP

WALL ART                                                                                                                                                                         LINED TEE



Toying Around, Tuesday

 I've been playing around with this new camera my dad was so nice, and willing to let me have: the Nikon D3100. And I am having too much fun with it! I am still learning to take precise pictures, manage it and be kind to it, and so far I've taken dozens of pictures of Tyson (my husband). See, he was not willing to share his face with us this time, but I got him just enough where you can see him (very blurry that is), behind the almost dying flowers he got me. 

I think taking pictures is fun, and captures just the right things that go on around. Don't you think? uno: I started taking pictures in the mirror to practice with the different types of lighting, saturation, and all that fun stuff. dos: I love cameras, the thing is, I just haven't gotten around to getting them all yet, but this little white one is a very especial one. It took part in our wedding and made everyone happy, specially me. tres: These two books are some oldies from when I was 17/18 or so. I would read them all the time, almost as though they were bibles. I keep them to decorate now. 

And after several takes inside the bathroom, I think I managed to get the right picture, for now at least.  

Do you have any toys/ hobbies/ things you love to do or play with? 
......Oh you must!.....

Have the loveliest Tuesday ever! 
xoxo Caterine 


Monday: MoodBoard

A, B, C, D

Flowers, lace, and pretty colors...that's what I've been thinking of lately. Even though it might be getting a little colder these days (not really here in Texas), Spring and the pretty flowers have stuck to me, and don't want to let go of them this fall.  Why not keep the floral and just add some fall items to it right? I especially love the transition of floral patterns in a room; the shapes, the colors, the happy!...

This Fall I'm craving lots of greens, blues, and creams. Who knows, I might even add some hot pink like picture A! For sure, I'm treating myself to a much needed manicure this week, and these pretty colors are on my mind.

What are you in a mood for lately?
Anything that's been stuck in your mind?

Hope you started your week fresh and ready to go!


In The Mood for Fabrics

1-4: Nuevo Estilo 5-8: Duralee

   There are so many pretty fabrics out there ready for this season.  The ones up there are just a few of my favorite picks for the day (I might have some other favorite ones by tomorrow!). 
   I love that by just choosing one pretty patterned fabric, you pretty much have your whole room going. Adding solids or even mixing more patterned fabrics to go next to these pretties can make your room go WOW! 
   So what are you waiting for? go wow your room.
All you need is to: 
1. choose a room
2. choose a fabric
3. if you got the skills, sew the fabric into pillows cases, curtains, or even decorative boards, 
4. Have fun with the fabrics and pair them with other fabrics you love
5. Enjoy your new room! 
   See? Easy!....not sure how to start yet? Ask me, I can help. 

Have a productive Tuesday! 


Stress Free?

So I found this awesome way to deal with stress: a cupcake squeezer! I mean, instead of finishing all the dozen cupcakes you made for the family all on your own, this pretty much beats it! A cupcake, not edible, squeezable (to squeeze the heck out of it), and perhaps even brakeable if it gets that stressful! What more could you ask for?

I know I need like 2 of those right now, one in each hand to squeeze, and squeeze. Projects can drive people crazy, even to the point to go online and shop for a cupcake squeezer! But I must say, I got a smile out of it.

How do you deal with this stress thing? do you leave it alone? deal with it right away? or save it in your pocket for later?




A few of the cravings I'm having at the moment: Hot chocolate, a good book to read, some sweets, and a warm soup for those cold days that I am still waiting for! What are you craving this week? Any goodies?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Fall is Here

 Sofia and Niccolo Barattieri di San Pietro's  London apartment,  designed by Paolo Moschino
All pics via ElleDecor

Fall is finally here people, well for the most part of the day anyway.  And I found this beauty of a place to remind me  how pretty a place can look when fall arrives. As Paolo Moschino said , this beauty is "... a relaxed approach within the historical grandeur of a room.”  Do you think so? I know that looking at it makes me feel grand! 

I know one thing for sure, I am so getting in the mood for Fall forever! 


My favorites for Fall

It is still hot here, and fall is taking a little longer to arrive.  While I wait to put on all those soft warm sweaters, pants, and closed toe shoes, all I can do is go online to choose my favorite pieces. For now JCREW has the perfect pieces I've been wanting for this fall. I love how color can always be included to make a final look more appealing. What are your selections for this fall? any favorite colors? 

Happy weekend!


Design Spong Tour: Austin

So you've heard right? right. Well it's time for the Design Sponge book signing tour in Austin! I had been patiently waiting for the details  and as soon as I heard I made sure I got me a spot there...succeeded! I made plans to attend and hopefully one of my girlfriends will come along as well.  Have you attended or are planning to attend one soon? I would love to hear about it. For now I will continue to wait until the day comes.
I hope you're having a great Thursday.


Outfit to Living

  So after a few intense days of working on projects for school, I finally have time to continue with posting here. Since a new season has started (yay!), it is appropriate to start with new ideas for the living spaces. This one was inspired by Andy, from Style Scrapbook. The dark and light furniture combo makes the space elegant but yet comfortable.  The few colors added throughout give the space life, but in a very subtle way. Fall has started so that means new colors to come everywhere! Are you ready?

I hope you're having an awesome weekend! 



Home Pretty

 Lately I've been thinking of lots and lots of pretty colors to add to our home. It is still a process that seems to take much longer that anticipated. For now my eyes like this home and all the pretty things going on inside of it.

ID Make yourself @ Home


Long Weekend

So it's still the weekend. And I'm enjoying that. It will be over tomorrow night, which is so so sad. Thank goodness I have this awesome quote to keep me going! What do you do to keep you going when you're just not feeling it anymore?
Go here for the AWESOME instructions on how to make one just like it!  


Hey there, I'm Back!

Picture and inspiration via Design*Sponge

So, it was a busy busy summer, full of studying, cleaning, trips, and dentist visits. Yup! all summer long! I'm almost happy it's over (well summer school at least that is, because the weather is still in the 100s here in Texas!), even though that only means more studying it's on it's way. ahhh! What have you guys been up to this couple of weeks/days? Any fun adventures?

I've been dreaming of filling my space with lots of flowers, and pretty vases, to give it a more fresh look. Every time I see pretty flowers I want to buy them all and give them a new home in my place ha!  And flowers just make me oh so happy!, so here I found a neat way to add uniqueness to those vases. Check it out: HERE. I hope you're having a great week!



That up there pretty much sums up how my days were throuout the week (reason for the lack of posts)! Sick and all, I had no choice but to keep on going with my daily routine. Ugh! horrible week if you ask me.

 On a prettier note, here are some nice things I found as I browsed through High Gloss Magazine. Have you checked it out yet? well, it's pretty much an amazing online magazine, full of goodies, so I would recommend you check it out! (which you probably have already right?)

Pretty ideas for my office space. Finally! it's almost coming together...well the ideas that is. No, I haven't started on it just yet but soon, pretty soon.

here for more: Armoniadecors

It's finally Friday, and I couldn't be happier. Have a good weekend!


To Do List

 Here is the link for the How-To on these pretty projects: 1. via Aparment Therapy & 2. via Design*Sponge

I've been delaying my list of things to do, so I figured: why not start one right this second? Over the past few weeks, months, years, I've seen many great ideas for the home and it seems like there is never enough time to even start any of them, so here is my attempt to do so. A to-do list will do right? Here are my top two things I want to accomplish this weekend or even month! (geez, so much for believing in myself!) 
How do you keep up with all the many fabulous things you want to do around your home? Any tip will help! 

I hope you're having a great Tuesday! 


This Closet

Soon, pretty soon I'll have a closet just like this one below, you'll wait and see! ...it might take a few years but one day...

pic via here 

Do you have a dream closet? What would it look like?  
Have a great weekend! 


Chalkboard Walls

After our trip to Utah, which was no more than 3 days long (I know very short), I came home with the urge to start changing things around our little home.  Of course school keeps me busy enough, and leaves me with very little, to almost no time to do so.  I figured that walls will probably be my best bet to start with before I move into more detailed things. And for some reason I can't stop thinking about chalkboard walls! Something about it makes me happy. Perhaps the fact that I could go all crazy with the chalk?

I would probably do this in the kitchen, or maybe in the office so I can save some paper and trees. I'm thinking green here! The great thing is that you can use chalkboard paint anywhere you please, and you can find it easily where they sell paint. What do you think? Do you like chalkboard walls, or do you rather just stick to the white? or perhaps patterns? 

Pictures found here: 1, 2, 3,


Weekend Getaway

Tyson and I are going to Utah for the weekend, very short trip but I sure am glad I get a mini break. I still need to pack, and while not being at home yet to do so, I started thinking of the long list of things that need to get done prior to getting on that plane...and oh is the list long! So instead of panicking I got online to read some blogs and miraculously came across this pretty post from Apartment Therapy.

picture  here

There it gives you all the goodies they wrote about traveling and preparing for it. Oh gosh! I wish I had read them before, now I'll just have to throw all my clothes in a suitcase and make sure my doors are locked. Are you traveling anywhere soon? Don't forget to plan for it: Go HERE to check the rest of their post.
Have a great weekend!


Bright mood

Have you gotten in the mood yet? you know...summer, lemonade, bright colors? Well if you haven't yet, here is a little inspiration from around the blog world. It sure got me in the mood!

What a great way to incorporate bright colors in our wardrobe, home, and even food. Time to get less shy and add more color to life! I'm sure going to do so. Are there any colors you love this summer?


Dreams of Escape

This week is getting pretty busy for me, and right at this moment I wish I was getting away from it all. It is almost impossible to get away from reality so the best I could do is dream of the places I wish I could go right now. So I leave you with 3 of my options I'm dying to dive right into.

 Pictures above via: Apartment Therapy (from top to bottom) 1,2,3

Relaxing huh? I love Apartment Therapy and their wide selection of amazing ideas for the home. So where would you escape to if you'd want to get away from it all, even if it was for just a second? Have a great Tuesday!


Happy Monday!

This morning, I was inspired by this quote, enjoy and have a happy day! 

 Picture via Design*Sponge


Before & After: Lamp Redos

  I love that lamps and shades can be retouched just enough to make them look like new! Here are some of my favorite before & after lamps that have inspired me this year so far.

Check out the details of the process HERE
Pictures via here
Check it out here 
Look at all the details here
check this one out right here

  So many options to make your lamps look so much better. I will probably be working on some of my own lamps before the summer ends, and thanks to these good DIYs it'll make the process much easier. Do you have any new DIYs you are looking forward to get done? 

Have a great weekend!


Seaside Enhancement

pictures via AD

pictures here

Remember Martin Lawrence-Bullard, the greatest designer who happens to be not only great but one of the world's top 100 interior designers named by Architectural Digest? And you might remember him even more from Bravo tv's show Million Dollar Decorators and his fabulous work on the Palapa-style Mexican beach house as shown above.  

I get overly excited when I get to watch the show, especially when they show the great design jobs Bullard gets to start and beautifully get done. So many things about this beach house makes me want to dive right-in the pictures! don't you get the same feeling? 

I love how even though the house is located in Mexico, it didn't need to be decorated exclusively with-in a Mexican style, but with styles from other areas such as: Indonesia, Hawaii, Morocco and other parts of the world.  Is so refreshing to see things done differently. 

And lastly (before this turns into a college essay) I leave you with Bullard's cool ways to understand a home and their client: “Nothing about the decor is too precious...Luxury here isn’t a function of exquisite fabrics or priceless works of art. It’s about comfort, fun, and the kind of impeccable service you’d expect at a lavish hotel. It’s the kind of luxury you can enjoy in a wet bathing suit, with a margarita—or five.”



This weekend all I wanted to do was eat yummy food, see shades of red, white, and blue, and look at the stars, so I did! Tyson and I spent the weekend visiting family in Houston and celebrating the 4th of July.

pic here

I managed to eat all kinds of food, but mainly I overindulged on lots of watermelon. It's one of my favorites, so I couldn't resist! Well aside from eating, eating, and eating a bit more, and aside from going through a computer crash all weekend (reason for not posting), I worked on some furniture pieces for our new home (pics coming up soon). Those poor ugly things needed some paint love, so they got it! So how was your long weekend? any good foods? I hope it was as good as all the watermelon pieces I ate! 



Meet us!

Here is a little bit more about husband and I. See the picture below? It was taken prior to getting married. For some reason I look like I'm on something* in all the pictures (I promise I wasn't).  But there is something about this guy that makes me smile in weird ways all the time, even when we are just walking around the park pretending to be casual just for a photo-shoot. See, we've been part of this thing called marriage for only 6 months now, and every day that goes by my smile keeps getting more weird! I guess that's a good thing, only problem is that it might not look so good in pictures. I guess I can sacrifice that for the sake of being happy with him!

      pictures by Princess 

    I'm glad I have him by my side encouraging me to keep doing what I love, and making sure I don't write something in Spanish that would make no sense at all to the rest of the world (I tend to do that a bit, getting my Spanish compositions mixed in English). If that even made sense at all. Tyson, is at school right now trying to study hard for our future so there is no translation available for this post, sorry. See, he's a great husband after all! 



Is a wardrobe inspiration to you?

The funnest part about transforming a room in a home would have to be accessorizing it. And what a better place to find  inspiration than in your own closet? Most likely the pieces in your closet are pretty much an interpretation of your personality; therefore; choosing outfits that you truly love could pretty much be transformed in a room. Do you think so? 

Here are a few personal interpretations of what a room could be transform into by just following one's taste in clothing:
      Left pic. via Late Afternoon, Right: via The Decorista
    left: via Late Afternoon, right: via Desire to Inspire
     left: via Kendi Everyday, right: via Design*Sponge
    left pic: The Sartorialist, rigt: I'm not quite sure where it came from but if it's yours let me know!

 So you do you have favorite fashion inspirations that you use in your home? What are some of your favorite trends as of now? I'd love to hear!