Seaside Enhancement

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Remember Martin Lawrence-Bullard, the greatest designer who happens to be not only great but one of the world's top 100 interior designers named by Architectural Digest? And you might remember him even more from Bravo tv's show Million Dollar Decorators and his fabulous work on the Palapa-style Mexican beach house as shown above.  

I get overly excited when I get to watch the show, especially when they show the great design jobs Bullard gets to start and beautifully get done. So many things about this beach house makes me want to dive right-in the pictures! don't you get the same feeling? 

I love how even though the house is located in Mexico, it didn't need to be decorated exclusively with-in a Mexican style, but with styles from other areas such as: Indonesia, Hawaii, Morocco and other parts of the world.  Is so refreshing to see things done differently. 

And lastly (before this turns into a college essay) I leave you with Bullard's cool ways to understand a home and their client: “Nothing about the decor is too precious...Luxury here isn’t a function of exquisite fabrics or priceless works of art. It’s about comfort, fun, and the kind of impeccable service you’d expect at a lavish hotel. It’s the kind of luxury you can enjoy in a wet bathing suit, with a margarita—or five.”


El said...

Your blog is such an inspiration! Great selection of pictures :)



Mowmigaba (gabisia9) said...

Love it <3

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Caterine said...

El, thanks so much. I get inspiration from other great blogs...I must say your blog is pretty much IT and love it thus far! :) thanks for stopping by.

Caterine said...

Mowmigaba, I'm so checking out your blog! :)


Hannah Sullivan said...

I love all the bright colors! It looks so peaceful and relaxing!
Have a good day!

Caterine said...

Hannah: I wish I had a whole week of peace and relaxation, it is much needed! :)