Chalkboard Walls

After our trip to Utah, which was no more than 3 days long (I know very short), I came home with the urge to start changing things around our little home.  Of course school keeps me busy enough, and leaves me with very little, to almost no time to do so.  I figured that walls will probably be my best bet to start with before I move into more detailed things. And for some reason I can't stop thinking about chalkboard walls! Something about it makes me happy. Perhaps the fact that I could go all crazy with the chalk?

I would probably do this in the kitchen, or maybe in the office so I can save some paper and trees. I'm thinking green here! The great thing is that you can use chalkboard paint anywhere you please, and you can find it easily where they sell paint. What do you think? Do you like chalkboard walls, or do you rather just stick to the white? or perhaps patterns? 

Pictures found here: 1, 2, 3,


Ann said...

a chalboard wall is such a neat idea. it would save a lot of papers, for sure. i think the calendar idea is really cute and functional.

Caterine said...


I am so thinking about the calendar idea for our office. Once I get to it I'll post pictures. Thanks for stopping by!