In The Mood for Fabrics

1-4: Nuevo Estilo 5-8: Duralee

   There are so many pretty fabrics out there ready for this season.  The ones up there are just a few of my favorite picks for the day (I might have some other favorite ones by tomorrow!). 
   I love that by just choosing one pretty patterned fabric, you pretty much have your whole room going. Adding solids or even mixing more patterned fabrics to go next to these pretties can make your room go WOW! 
   So what are you waiting for? go wow your room.
All you need is to: 
1. choose a room
2. choose a fabric
3. if you got the skills, sew the fabric into pillows cases, curtains, or even decorative boards, 
4. Have fun with the fabrics and pair them with other fabrics you love
5. Enjoy your new room! 
   See? Easy!....not sure how to start yet? Ask me, I can help. 

Have a productive Tuesday! 


Stress Free?

So I found this awesome way to deal with stress: a cupcake squeezer! I mean, instead of finishing all the dozen cupcakes you made for the family all on your own, this pretty much beats it! A cupcake, not edible, squeezable (to squeeze the heck out of it), and perhaps even brakeable if it gets that stressful! What more could you ask for?

I know I need like 2 of those right now, one in each hand to squeeze, and squeeze. Projects can drive people crazy, even to the point to go online and shop for a cupcake squeezer! But I must say, I got a smile out of it.

How do you deal with this stress thing? do you leave it alone? deal with it right away? or save it in your pocket for later?




A few of the cravings I'm having at the moment: Hot chocolate, a good book to read, some sweets, and a warm soup for those cold days that I am still waiting for! What are you craving this week? Any goodies?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Fall is Here

 Sofia and Niccolo Barattieri di San Pietro's  London apartment,  designed by Paolo Moschino
All pics via ElleDecor

Fall is finally here people, well for the most part of the day anyway.  And I found this beauty of a place to remind me  how pretty a place can look when fall arrives. As Paolo Moschino said , this beauty is "... a relaxed approach within the historical grandeur of a room.”  Do you think so? I know that looking at it makes me feel grand! 

I know one thing for sure, I am so getting in the mood for Fall forever!