In The Mood for Fabrics

1-4: Nuevo Estilo 5-8: Duralee

   There are so many pretty fabrics out there ready for this season.  The ones up there are just a few of my favorite picks for the day (I might have some other favorite ones by tomorrow!). 
   I love that by just choosing one pretty patterned fabric, you pretty much have your whole room going. Adding solids or even mixing more patterned fabrics to go next to these pretties can make your room go WOW! 
   So what are you waiting for? go wow your room.
All you need is to: 
1. choose a room
2. choose a fabric
3. if you got the skills, sew the fabric into pillows cases, curtains, or even decorative boards, 
4. Have fun with the fabrics and pair them with other fabrics you love
5. Enjoy your new room! 
   See? Easy!....not sure how to start yet? Ask me, I can help. 

Have a productive Tuesday! 


Heidi said...

Happy Halloween Caterine! Love fabric number 5, the orange and white Duralee geometric. I need your mailing address so I can send your giveaway gift from A Thousand Laughing Starfish!!

Live Inspired,

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

Love these fabrics and the colors!


clochet said...

Love these pics, the colors are amazing!
xo, Clochet.