Stress Free?

So I found this awesome way to deal with stress: a cupcake squeezer! I mean, instead of finishing all the dozen cupcakes you made for the family all on your own, this pretty much beats it! A cupcake, not edible, squeezable (to squeeze the heck out of it), and perhaps even brakeable if it gets that stressful! What more could you ask for?

I know I need like 2 of those right now, one in each hand to squeeze, and squeeze. Projects can drive people crazy, even to the point to go online and shop for a cupcake squeezer! But I must say, I got a smile out of it.

How do you deal with this stress thing? do you leave it alone? deal with it right away? or save it in your pocket for later?


El said...

Haha, I love this! awesome idea to deal with stress :)


Caterine said...

haha, I found it so funny!

Cristi! said...

oooowww love the cupcake!!!