A few of the cravings I'm having at the moment: Hot chocolate, a good book to read, some sweets, and a warm soup for those cold days that I am still waiting for! What are you craving this week? Any goodies?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Joana said...

I'm craving all of those things right now too :) A good book, sweets, a warm soup for those cold days at home and so on...
You have a beautiful blog, I'm happy to meet it :)
XO, Joana.

Crónicas de mi armario said...

Great post!


Caterine said...

It was a rainy day this weekend, so it's getting closer now..:)

Thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on all of these! I'd like to just light a candle, get a cup of coffee and relax. :)