This Closet

Soon, pretty soon I'll have a closet just like this one below, you'll wait and see! ...it might take a few years but one day...

pic via here 

Do you have a dream closet? What would it look like?  
Have a great weekend! 


Anna of IHOD said...

Oh my goodness this is heaven! I don't neccesarily want that many pairs of shoes, but the organization is a dream!!!
Hope you had a lovely weekend! :) Anna

Caterine said...

isn't it?? when I first saw it I almost drooled over my keyboard! :) Thanks for stopping by Anna.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this - hopefully in my next home!! Just came across your blog, have a great day. :)

wear a smile! said...

such an organized closet! :)
I must admit I actually have a bigger closet room that looks quite similar but now I think I can colour it a little bit with some orange and green tones.. this looks awesome! :)

I am following, come check out my blog too!


Pieter said...

Wow i love the hermes boxes and the jackets!

Want to follow each other? :)