Meet us!

Here is a little bit more about husband and I. See the picture below? It was taken prior to getting married. For some reason I look like I'm on something* in all the pictures (I promise I wasn't).  But there is something about this guy that makes me smile in weird ways all the time, even when we are just walking around the park pretending to be casual just for a photo-shoot. See, we've been part of this thing called marriage for only 6 months now, and every day that goes by my smile keeps getting more weird! I guess that's a good thing, only problem is that it might not look so good in pictures. I guess I can sacrifice that for the sake of being happy with him!

      pictures by Princess 

    I'm glad I have him by my side encouraging me to keep doing what I love, and making sure I don't write something in Spanish that would make no sense at all to the rest of the world (I tend to do that a bit, getting my Spanish compositions mixed in English). If that even made sense at all. Tyson, is at school right now trying to study hard for our future so there is no translation available for this post, sorry. See, he's a great husband after all! 


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wear a smile! said...

this is a happy couple, you both are so cute! :)
and believe me the pictures look really good when you smile truly :))