Hello and Welcome!

I would tell you every detail about me and my funny life right this second, but why make a long essay now if I can just share with you bits and pieces of it all as the days go by. no?

Last weekend my husband Tyson, and I moved to a new place in the hot, hot weathers of Texas. Though I felt like passing out most of the time I can't complain about the forced exercise this whole adventure brought. I should be 5 pounds skinnier by now, yay!  So I have a new place with new rooms and walls to play with!  I've been looking around my favorite magazines, websites, and blogs for inspiration to start this little project, and I can't wait to get everything started. For now here are some things I like oh so very much!

Adding color to the office space reminds me that doing school work or paper work doesn't have to be intense and boring at all if after all you have something pretty to look at while you're doing it. don't you love color?

  1.  Organize your books by colors and voila! via Design*Sponge
  2.  Oh I would love to sit on that fur! Space of Emma Reddington of The Marion House Book via Design*Sponge 
  3.  An unexpected console full of creativity! Shaun Moore & Todd Caldwell home via Design*Sponge 
  4. More ideas to store your favorite books! 
  5. Elegant, masculine, & a touch of finesse, just the right combination! Jimmie Martin & Rick Schultz via Design*Sponge 
  6. & 7. Fun ways to organize your schedule with a huge calendar on the wall! via Arianna Belle Organized Interiors
 8. This one call my name, it's so feminine! but not sure if husband would appreciate it. Samantha Reitmayer of  Style/SWOON via Design*Sponge 

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