Is a wardrobe inspiration to you?

The funnest part about transforming a room in a home would have to be accessorizing it. And what a better place to find  inspiration than in your own closet? Most likely the pieces in your closet are pretty much an interpretation of your personality; therefore; choosing outfits that you truly love could pretty much be transformed in a room. Do you think so? 

Here are a few personal interpretations of what a room could be transform into by just following one's taste in clothing:
      Left pic. via Late Afternoon, Right: via The Decorista
    left: via Late Afternoon, right: via Desire to Inspire
     left: via Kendi Everyday, right: via Design*Sponge
    left pic: The Sartorialist, rigt: I'm not quite sure where it came from but if it's yours let me know!

 So you do you have favorite fashion inspirations that you use in your home? What are some of your favorite trends as of now? I'd love to hear! 


Mo Pie, Please said...

Whoa, this is awesome! I love your ideas!

Caterine said...

hey, thank you! I'm hoping to incorporate these in our new home sooner than later :). Thanks for stopping by!


BluBabesCreate said...

If you like leopard print come over and see the leopard print chair that I did.

Caterine said...

oh my!! yeah, I will definitely go check it our right away! I love all kinds of prints! Thanks for stopping by.


Bad Joan said...

Love these outfits! Great ideas to write comments with the pictures. You have awesome style.


Caterine said...

oh thank you there! writing on the pics makes it funner. :)


katie said...

ohh gorgeous!