Turkey already?

Can you believe it? It is almost time to eat some turkey, yum! I am so excited, especially because we all get a break from our busy, busy lives. yay! I'm not very into making meals and go all fancy, not that I don't like it, or don't want to; I just don't know how to make anything related to the event. It is one of the holidays I am still getting the hang of, even after living in the U.S. for 11 years. My family makes an attempt to celebrate and have their own version of the feast with a turkey and everything, but nothing compared to the traditional American style dishes. So this is why I am excited. This year I get to celebrate with my awesome husband's family, and they are American, so that means I get lots of yummy food.

So all I've been doing is searching for pretty food, and I say that because in pictures they look pretty but I'm not sure if once made(especially by me) they will taste as pretty. But the recipes look promising.

Starting with the basics: 

The turkey , which I won't attempt just yet 
Fresh green bean casserole, always good 
Sweet potato casserole ..are these as good as they look? 

Am I missing anything for the basics? 

And for Dessert: (My favorite) 

Thanksgiving cupcakes, that look fun to make
Fruit gobbler , go all out with your turkey ideas here! 

Are there any traditions you have for thanksgiving? Any meals you love to eat? Any ideas to share? I would love to hear. 

Happy day! 

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