Weekend Lovin'

I am so lovin' the fabulous designs of Jill Sorensen of LiveLikeYou. From her fearless selection and combination of color, all the way to her idea of how design should be available to everybody at any budget, which I couldn't agree with more!

Don't you love all the color? Well if you still think you need to see more, she also has this amazing website (LIVELIKEYOU.COM)where you can get some guide and inspiration if you're struggling to come up with ideas for a room.  She will give your rendered drawing ideas of how a certain style could look in a  room (bathroom, master bedroom, living room, etc.). She will show you the furniture, colors, and materials she chose for each room, along with tips she shares to make your design even more spectacular.

I'm lovin'! Are you?

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Happy Weekend!

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Clochet said...

Love all this pics!! The color mix is amazing!