Outfit to Living

  So after a few intense days of working on projects for school, I finally have time to continue with posting here. Since a new season has started (yay!), it is appropriate to start with new ideas for the living spaces. This one was inspired by Andy, from Style Scrapbook. The dark and light furniture combo makes the space elegant but yet comfortable.  The few colors added throughout give the space life, but in a very subtle way. Fall has started so that means new colors to come everywhere! Are you ready?

I hope you're having an awesome weekend! 



El said...

I've been thinking of having some interior updates in my apartment but haven't succedeed yet. This post is quite inspirational I must say :)

classy & fabulous


Caterine said...

Thanks, I am in need of some updates in my interior as well. HOpe it goes well!

Heidi said...

Love it! Nice inspiration and that lamp is to die for :)